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He is the soul of the universe; He is immortal; He is the Ruler-ship; he is the all-knowing, the All-Pervading, the protector of the Universe, the Eternal ruler. none else is there efficient to govern the World eternally. He who at the beginning of the creation projected Brahma (i.e., the universal consciousness), and who delivered the Veda onto him-seeking liberation I go for refuge unto that Effulgent One whose light turns the understanding towards the A’tman.

– Upanishad

Definition of Bhakti

Bhakti Yoga is a genuine, real search after the Lord, a search beginning, continuing and ending in Love. one single moment of the madness of extreme love to god brings us eternal freedom. “Bhakti”, says Narada in his explanation of the Bhakti-Aphorisms, “is intense love to God.” – “When a man gets it he loves all, hate none ; he becomes satisfied for ever,” – “This love cannot be reduced to any earthly benefit, “because as long as worldly desires last that kind of love does not come. “Bhakti is greater than Karma, greater than Yoga, because these are intended for an object in view, while Bhakti is its own fruition, its own means and its own end.”