Eco Ethical Living


Rishikesh Yogashram is built by respecting the international standards to certify the construction land as an eco-friendly project.

  • Our efforts will produce the following concepts:
  • focus our project on a zero carbon concept
  • follow green strategies and initiatives in order to have proper use of water management, recycling and purification
  • use locally available materials, ex harvesting local stone for constructions
  • create our own sourcesthrough a correct waste management, we will produce gas and fuel
  • build up rooms and yoga hall to get the sunrise light from the mountains
  • and the sunset light from the Ganges side
  • implant wind and solar power generator
  • use eco-friendly water heaters, lighting, and heating systems
  • implant bio-digester toilets
  • design our buildings according to Vastu principles and sustainable architecture
  • promote conscious living in nature
  • raise food and water waste awareness
  • grow our organic vegetable garden
  • design permaculture and ecological landscaping

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